about us

W3 Ltd. is a long established internet/technology company based in the United Kingdom that specialises in professional networking and B2B solutions.

Here are some highlights of our story so far.

The beginnings in ancient internet history

W3 Ltd. was founded in Britain in 2001 as a high tech recruitment agency. The company was born with the vision to provide talent to technological companies in the UK from other countries in Europe snatching the opportunity the freedom of movement and work across the European Union provided.

It's all about timing

Despite the relentless development of the internet at the time the aftermath of the burst of the dot com bubble around that time halted recruitment in the sector for a period of time and, with little margin for error, we had to find an opportunity in this unforseen circumstance for the business to survive.

Transforming the threat into an opportunity

We decided to transform our digital recruitment agency into a general online job site, similar to others that were springing up at the time. 3wjobs and Acciontrabajo were born.

As the decision proved correct we decided to expand our operations and make the network available to the rest of the world.

A decade of growth

For a decade the network of sites became a great resource for recruiters and professionals around the world and it was a great pleasure for us to travel and randomly meet people in different countries that had found jobs through the service.

From 2013 we experienced a period of stability and around 2015 started to notice that we could better fullfill the needs of our users redesigning the platform to better suit the evolving needs of our users and clients.

The way forward

In 2017 we launched Profdir, sending 3wjobs to rest, and a new version of Acciontrabajo, a more social platform and a radical transformation that is in tune with the times. A more robust network for which customers are generally providing a great feedback that exceeds our expectations.

Our commitment

Since inception, and unlike the majority of businesses in the sector, we have been able to grow organically without the need of loans from banks or other institutions or adding new shareholders that could restrict our vision and change our aim. Not having to please difficult stakeholders gives us enormous flexibility to adapt to our clients needs. We are free as a bird!

We remain strongly commited to providing a great service to our clients and users.

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